Social Security Disability

The Federal laws and regulations governing social security disability applications are very difficult to navigate without the guidance of an attorney familiar with the system.  Statistically, about 90% of disability claims are denied upon initial application.  Once receiving a denial notification letter, applicants have a short window of time within which to appeal the denial by asking for a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge.

As a contract attorney for a number of nationwide disability law firms, David represented well over 100 claimants at disability hearings in 2017 alone!  He also welcomes disability cases from the beginning of the process.

With so much experience at disability hearings, David has learned how to present your unique medical background to the Administrative Law Judges in a manner most likely to get you approved for disability benefits.

By Federal regulation, an individual claiming to be disabled must not have been able to earn wages through full-time employment for at least 12 consecutive months.  Because disability applicants are not working, or are working only part time, they usually do not have health insurance or the ability to pay doctor’s bills or lawyer’s fees.  Understanding this, David offers his disability representation on a contingency fee basis.  What this means is that you pay nothing up front, and David only gets paid if you win your case and are awarded a monthly disability payment.

David’s extensive experience also becomes a “double-edged sword” for seekers of disability benefits.  Because he understands the minute details that Judges are looking for, he must turn down many applicants because they simply are not going to meet the requirements in the governmental regulations.  Individuals with extensive and detailed medical records regarding severe impairments, people with physicians supportive of the patient’s application for disability and willing to document their medical opinion, and claimants at least 50 years old tend to have the best opportunities to qualify for disability benefits.

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